Safety should be your first consideration when getting behind the wheel of your car.

Take a moment upon first entering the vehicle to make sure your seat and mirrors are properly adjusted to allow you to easily operate the vehicle. Don't attempt to make adjustments while driving as your eyes should be on the road at all times.

Your state of mind impacts your ability to make good driving decisions. Well rested drivers generally may have faster reaction times, make appropriate judgment calls and are more observant. Avoid other distractions such as in-depth conversations, loud music, or phone use.

Be particularly mindful of the hazards caused by road construction, weather, wildlife, and pedestrians. Plan extra time into your trips so that you can slow down and carefully assess situations you may encounter on the road.

Keep your safety in mind, the safety of your fellow motorists, and the substantial investment you may have made in acquiring a vehicle by considering the internal and external elements that can impact driving conditions.

Don’t forget to see us at Tim Short Honda in Ivel, KY, for regular maintenance! Regular maintenance like tire and brake services may help with the safety of your driving experience.

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