Summer is almost upon us, and we are all thinking about what kind of road trip we will be taking this summer. It is time to plan ahead and get things ready for that special road trip. To make sure everything runs smoothly, start with your car.
Prepare your vehicle for an extended road trip by bringing it to our dealership and having it checked out. We'll check fluids, belts, battery, tires, brakes --- everything. Make sure your car is ready for a long road trip on a highway. Wash your car and clean the inside. Make room for the family, and remove all debris and other items that might be excess baggage.
Supply some snacks and drinks for your passengers. People get a little hungry and thirsty between stops. If you do not have one already, invest in a road side emergency kit. It should contain a flashlight, a pair of jumper cables, and some road flares.
Contact us today for other tips on having a successful and safe road trip.
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